Everyone has favorite clothes. Some of them get rip others get stains. However if you love your cloth you don’t want to say goodbye to its.

I have a yellow jumper in my case. So I cut the cuffs off and sewed brand new on.

ribbed cuffs

It is so simply to change the cuffs.
Step 1. Cut off the cuffs
Step 2. Make pattern pieces to make new cuffs (use the old cuffs for that)
Step 3. Stitch side edges of each cuffs right sides together to form circles
Step 4. Seam allowances are open
Step 5. Fold cuffs in half wrong side together
Step 6. Place cuffs within sleeves right sides together and stitch them to bottom edges of sleeves. (Stretching cuffs slightly as you sew.)
Step 7. Serge the seam allowancesribbed cuffs

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