The weather is so funny around here in the middle of Europe. At the end of March we got 24°C (75°F) and now after Easter we got snow and -2°C (28°F). So I decided I make some unique and fashionable wear for Sarah.

Have you ever heard about this appellation jupe-culotte? Or you just call these kind of pants palazzo pants? I love these kind of pans and I just made one pair for my little one.

I show you the way how I draft jupe-culotte.

First we need the basic skirt sewing pattern. So, let’s start to draft the basic skirt first.

We need for the basic skirt drafting:

  • waist measurement
  • hip measurement
  • skirt length

Mostly when I am making sewing patterns, I make it scaled down. There is a special measurement tape what is four times smaller than the original one. So I use that for tiny drafting.

We need for the jupe-culotte drafting:

  • waist measurement
  • hip measurement
  • pants inner length
  • pants outer length


Draw a line from the bottom of the front dart to the hemline and then repeat it on the back side of the skirt as well.

Cut along from the hemline to the dart point.

Cut down the outside dart line, towards the dart point.

Close the waist dart by rotating the pattern like on the picture.

Let’s add extra volume to the hemline like on the picture above.

Spread the hemline by the amount worked out. Use tape to secure in place.

Move the front dart closer to the side like on the picture above and move the back dart to the middle of the pattern.

After all the pieces are stuck in place, redraw the hemline and the waistline with a smooth curve.

Make the pocket as well.

Use your kid’s  hand as a shape for the pocket pattern. Place your kid’s hand on the skirt parts and mark in the pocket width and depth in relation to the size of the kid’s hand. It looks like a half of heart shape upside down.

If you think the pocket  is big enough (on the width and depth) you can mark these measurements on your pattern.



If you are curious to know how to sew jupe-culotte come along with me next time as well.

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