The summer is getting hot year by year here. We don’t leave the house without any liquid. If you don’t like to carry a big bag just make a bottle bag and have a nice sightseeing.

I think this is the most easiest bag I ever made. Believe me, just follow the step by step sewing video tutorial.

The size of the bag depends on how big is your bottle.

First get your bottle and measure the circumference of it. Add plus 2 cm to the circumference. Then measure the hight of the bottle. If you don’t want a really deep bag just measure until about one-third. It’s up to you.

  1. Fold the outer bag panel right sides together and stitch lengthwise. (I topstitched along the seam but if you are not really skilled just leave it like that.)
  2. Sew the bag panel on the circle right sides together.
  3. Get the lining stitch together just like the outer bag panel before. Live a tiny gap on it.
  4. Stitch the circle on the body of the lining, then turn inside out.
  5. Place the lining on the outer bag right sides together and stitch them together.
  6. Close the gap.
  7. Turn the bag right side out and topstitch along the top.
  8. Sew the strap in place. Well done, you made a very nice bottle bag.


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