The internet is full of how to sew pouch, right?
Can I show you something new about it? It is just a small thing but maybe you will like it. You will find this small trick in my renewed video tutorial.

Just follow the steps and you can make your own lined zipper pouch easily.

  • Cut four pieces of layer square. Two for the lining and two for the outer layers of the pouch. Watch for the grainline or the pattern of the fabric. The crossgrain goes in line with the zipper and the pattern of the fabric is against the zipper.
  • Always iron the layers before start sewing.
  • Change the basic presser foot of the sewing machine for zipper foot.
  • I always start with one of the outer layer. Face it up and place the zipper face down on it . Raw edges are always together. When you put the zipper on the outer layer watch for the pattern. It would look silly if the pattern is upside down.
  • Place one of the lining layer face down on the zipper as well.

I don’t tack and I don’t use any pin or wonder clip because I have got the rutin. Of course you can use whatever you like to keep the three parts together.

  • And just like on the video tutorial start sewing right down the side. I always start sewing at the bottom of the zipper. Before we get to  the very end of the zipper let’s open it and sew it along.

One side is almost ready but before we finish that let’s sew the other side along.

  • Do the same method just like before. Watch the pattern of the fabric as well.

I never topstitch the outer side of the pouch. It would look nice but I think topstitching only the lining is very important. I tell you why. Have you ever dealt with a stuck zipper? I would like to avoid it that’s why I topstich the lining like on the video tutorial. It keeps the lining in place. And if we only topstitch the lining without the outer layers we can sew the layers more simply.

We ironed the layers before start sewing. That’s why I don’t iron while I make the pouch. Of course it can be pressed with a  lightly iron. Avoid touching the zipper because if it’s plastic it will melt.

  • Leave the zipper open. Place the outer layers and the lining layers on top of each other.
  • Change the zipper foot of the sewing machine for the basic presser foot. It will guide us on the straight line all the way down.
  • Fold the seam allowance toward the lining and  topstitch along the zipper all the way down.
  • Place the layers right sides together. Outer layers are facing and the lining as well.
  • Leave a tiny opening at the bottom of the pouch. Mark it and start sewing around the pouch. At the croners the needle is always in the lower position. Lift the presser foot up and turn the pouch 90 degree and then let the presser foot down again and keep on sewing.
  • Trim the four corners and poke out only the outer corners to be nice and sharp.
  • Fold the ends under and close opening with side seam.
  • Place the lining inside.


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