In the middle of the second month of the year I hope you still keep your New Year’s Resolution. I do.

My passion is running and I make a resolution about the distance. My goal is to keep the 5km (it’s a little bit longer than 3 miles) every time I put on my running sneakers. I have comfortable running outfit. Ofcourse I made the running dress for myself like on the picture below.



And here is the pattern. I used a fitness top to draft this dress. It’s so easy to make.


1 front (cut 1)

2 back facing (cut 1)

3 back (cut 1)

4 neckline and armline binding (cut 1)


… and here I am again.





Step 1 – Back panels seams: Pin, stitch and serge the back facing on the back panel right sides together. Fold seam allowances upward and topstitch seam.

Step 2 – Place front and back panel right sides together. Stitch and serge one of the shoulder twice in the same line. Seam allowance is facing backward.

Step 3 – Serge the neckline. I used a binder attachment. Measure the length of edge to be finished. Determine the length of the binding. I cut the binding from the fabric of the running dress. Cut the binding of the width of 3.5 or 4cm. Applying the binding. Place the right side of the binding on the wrong side of the garment. Stitch them togehter. Use straight stitch on a regular sewing machine.

Fold the other edge of the binding over the right side of the garment’s edge and tipstitch binding.

Step 4 – Place the front and back garment right sides together and stitch twice and serge the other shoulder seam. Seam allowance is facing backward.

Step 5 – Serge armlines. The method as same as of the neckline.

Step 6 – Pin front and back panels right sides together and stitch and serge side seams. Press seam allowances  backward.

Step 7 – Fold up, press and stitch bottom hem of the dress.


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