Just another video tutorial before Easter. You can be done with this cute bunny ear backpack. Come on, let’s sew!


Step 1.   Stitch ear pieces together in pairs right sides facing.

Step 2.   Trim seam allowances.

Step 3.   Turn ears right side out, press and topstitch their edges.

Step 4.   Clip seam allowances to stitching line at notch at bottom edge of each ear on the bottom of the backpack.

Step 5.   Stitch the bottom pieces together right sides facing.

Step 6.   Stitch edges together until the first notch on both side. Live 4 cm long opening and sititch along.

Step 7.   Press seam open.

Step 8.   Stitch backpack lining panel to the top of the bottom panel right sides together.

Step 9.   Seam allowance is facing up. Topstitch seam.

Step 10. Topstitch the opening on both side.

Step 11. Fold the backpack in half wrong sides are facing and press. Sew a row of topstitching each side.

Step 12. Push the string into casing and then do the other string. This time it goes on the other side.

Step 13. Attach the string to the bottom corners of the backpack and stitch.

Step 14. Stitch the bottom seam.

Step 15. Stitch the bottom seam of the interior on each side and live an opening on the middle.

Step 16. Turn the backpack insede out and topstitch opening.


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